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Membership is free of charge. Members are eligible to become regional representatives, and to engage in our preparations for Ramsar COPs.


If you are ready to join, email the Deputy Chair.

Member profiles

Photo of Nagai-san

Mitsuhiro NAGAI

Commitee member. Organisation: Ramsar Network Japan Country: Japan Type of organisation: NGO Contact: Mitsuhiro NAGAI
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Humedales Bogota

Contact: Luisa Fernanda Moreno Panesso Country: Colombia Website: www.humedalesbogota.com Twitter: @lulumorenop
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Hessouwe BAKENOU

Sub-Regional Representative, Togo NGO Synergy of Competences for Development in Africa bakenou@scdatogo.org
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The Wetland Trust

Type of organisation: NGO Country: United States of America Contact: James Curatolo Website: thewetlandtrust.org
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WWN Committee

WWN’s committee welcomes input from members across the network! We meet online every month and in person, when possible, at Ramsar COPs and other conservation gatherings.

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