2nd African civil society forum on wetlands

The second African civil society forum on wetlands will be held virtually on 20 and 21 March 2024. Join us by Zoom or YouTube at 08.00 UTC/GMT on either or both days. Each day the Forum will last two hours.

Register in Zoom

The Forum will be delivered in French and English, with live AI subtitles between those two languages. The system is not perfect, but enables us to make the most of your time. We will provide instructions on how to enable the subtitles.

Submit abstracts

We welcome submissions for presentations. The submission deadline is now extended until 18 February. Presentations should be under ten minutes long and on one of these wetland themes:

  • Climate Change
  • Maximising delivery of global conventions
  • Participatory science
  • Youth and gender

Submit your title before 18 February on this form. We will respond to you in second half of February to let you know whether your submission has been accepted, and to share the presentation template.

You can also watch the webinar live on YouTube, but there will be no subtitles, so you will need to understand both English and French to get the most out of that.

Promotional Materials

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Call for applications with deadline extension: For Instagram and Facebook / For LinkedIn

Watch the recording of the First African civil society forum on wetlands, from 2020.