World Wetlands Survey

WWN helps run a participatory science survey of the state of the world’s wetlands. The next round will open in February 2024. You can also find out more about the 2017 and 2020 surveys, including summaries and links to journal articles.

A group of institutions coordinate the survey and the analysis: WWN, the Society of Wetland Scientists, Cobra Collective, Charles Sturt University, IUCN CEM Wetland Ecosystems Specialist Group, IUCN Water, and WWT. The data, very importantly, comes from anyone who knows a wetland.

Thank you to the three lead scientists who analyse the data. Nick Davidson, Rob McInnes, Matt Simpson and Max Finlayson produce academic outputs, and WWT produces a more visual summary.

We will share the findings as widely as possible; we hope to inform the Wetlands Convention and other multilateral environmental agreements. Members of the Society of Wetland Scientists will also learn about the survey through their publication and communications from the authors.

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