World Wetlands Survey

From May to December 2020, citizen scientists like you are assessing their local wetland, to help this global survey, run by WWN, the Society of Wetland Scientists, Cobra Collective, and the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust.

Online survey (in English)

This global survey is also available in other languages; all feed into the same scientific analysis, so you are free to chose the version that is easiest for you to read!

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We have extended the survey by one month, now closing on 30 November. We want as many wetlands as possible represented, so if you were tempted, please do take part!

How does it work?

Click the link to the online survey; this will take you to a form where you will be asked questions about the wetland you want to report on. When you have answered all the questions, press submit, and you are done!

Will I need to do experiments?

No need to do experiments! This survey relies on your understanding of the wetland, how it has changed, and how healthy it is. You will need to know the geographical coordinates of the wetland, and to be able to assess its condition.

What information do I need?

The questions on the survey include essential information on the wetland location, size, and protected status; and then multiple-choice tick-boxes about your understanding of how it has improved, stayed the same, or deteriorated. You will also have to answer questions about trends in the the change of the wetland.

Journalists are welcome to use this news release and photos from this page.

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