WWN Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2019–2022

In October 2019 our committee adopted the current Strategic Plan after a consultation process that spread out from the committee to the regional and sub-regional representatives. The timescale is tied to the Ramsar COP cycle of three years’; due to COP14 being postponed until late 2022, we are continuing with the same strategic plan until then.

Summary of strategic plan to 2022

The World Wetland Network (WWN) has two main goals: supporting local people to get better protection for their wetlands and improving collaboration with government for wetlands conservation. The 2019-2022 strategic plan will guide WWN to Ramsar’s 14th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP14) in 2022 where our work will inform the Ramsar Conventions’ reports, decisions, and requests to member governments.

At Ramsar COP14, we will shine a light on youth engagement in wetlands; the natural flow of rivers; and citizen science. We will inform the Global Wetland Outlook and national reporting with more detail about the state of the world’s wetlands, and influence resolutions that the official participants take home to their governments for implementation.

  • Support the Youth Engaged in Wetlands group to participate in Ramsar COP 14.
  • Conduct a citizen science wetland survey in 2020 and present the results at COP 14 in 2022.
  • Influence and create resolutions including to support the natural flow of water for wetlands.

  • Provide support, information and ideas on the wetland conservation challenges you face
  • Represent members and your wetlands at COP 14
  • Report on the status of your wetlands via WWN’s citizen science tool
  • Offer guidance from our committee of experts
  • Inform members of the latest in wetland news with two bulletins a year

We are a global network of 150+ local non-governmental or civil society organisations working to conserve wetlands. By joining forces under the World Wetland Network we can amplify our local voices to influence government policy on a global scale.

WWN is supported by a committee of NGO representatives who meet regularly. We share information across the membership by email, social media, and website, so please get in touch!

Previous strategic plan

In 2016 WWN worked with our members and colleagues to prepare a Strategic Plan for 2016-20.

Thanks to support from ProNatura Foundation and Ramsar Network Japan, the committee attended the Korea-Japan Forum / NGO Workshop on 29-30 October 2016 in Gifu, Japan, where we consulted with colleagues to complete the strategic direction.

That Strategic Plan was adopted in February 2017. It guided our activities in the lead up and during Ramsar COP 13 held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 21-29 October 2018.

Louise Duff B.App.Sc. MPA
Chair, WWN
Secretary Australian Wetland Network
World Wetland Network COP 12 Facilitator