Call to protect Lagos urban wetlands

The WWN Committee has sent letters to multiple influential figures in Lagos, Nigeria, asking them to limit the destruction of an urban wetland there. The National Theatre, Nigeria, is a cultural centre built among wetlands in Nigeria’s economic hub. Local birders, such as the Lekki Bird Club, visit it to see birds including migratory and …

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Croc-doc: film on saving crocodiles

Georges Hedegbetan of CREDI-ONG shares a documentary about his group’s crocodile conservation in Benin. The film is produced in French with English subtitles, and includes interviews with his colleagues on social and technical aspects of their work for some less-favoured wetland species. Topics include population monitoring and studying individuals, tracking, working with hunters, engagement and …

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BECDA starts school programme

WWN member in Uganda, BECDA, has started an environmental literacy programme in schools. Twinamasiko Pasco shares this video clip of him engaging with the children: As well as this awareness raising among the young people, the programme will also cover more biological processes: they will develop nursery beds, and climate smart agriculture.

Nagao Wetland Fund

WWN members in Asia or Oceania may be able to help their government implement wetland conservation and wise use by means of the Nagao Wetland Fund. The following information comes from the Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention: The Secretariat of the Convention on Wetlands have opened the call for applications for 2022 Nagao Wetland Fund …

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Youth from over 30 countries call to act for flyway conservation

Under the theme ‘Taking off #ForNature from Africa to the Arctic’ young people from over 30 countries have come together for the first East Atlantic Flyway Youth Forum. This Flyway Youth Forum explored challenges that migratory birds and their wetlands habitats are facing and discussed how greater communication and cooperation between youth and across generations can …

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World Wetlands Day 2022 prep

World Wetlands Day is coming up, on 2 February. The theme for this year is Wetlands Action for People and Nature. You can make a statement, promote your activities, and access numerous resources on the Ramsar Convention’s official World Wetlands Day website. Add a short statement in the Actions for Wetlands.Share your planned activities on …

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