Call to protect Lagos urban wetlands

The WWN Committee has sent letters to multiple influential figures in Lagos, Nigeria, asking them to limit the destruction of an urban wetland there. The National Theatre, Nigeria, is a cultural centre built among wetlands in Nigeria’s economic hub. Local birders, such as the Lekki Bird Club, visit it to see birds including migratory and …

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Supporting Ecopark Osokorky

In Kyiv, the capital of the Ukraine, local NGO Ecopark Osokorky has joined WWN due to challenges and threats to their wetland. In the Darnytskyi region, they have long worked on creating a 600 hectare wetland park for locals. However there are plans to create large scale housing and smaller recreational facilities in the wetland. …

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Supporting Nakdong Estuary wetlands

WWN’s Committee has submitted a letter of concern about a proposal to build bridges in a wetland in the Republic of Korea. Busan Metropolitan City is considering a proposal that would put two bridges, at Daejeo and Eomgung. These would go through the core habitats of Whopper Swans wintering at the Nakdong River Estuary. Nakdong …

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