Wetland Globe Awards

Blue, green, and grey globes we awarded to wetlands.

We caused a stir at Ramsar and Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) COPs in 2010 and 2013. We held an awards ceremony for wetlands that are well managed, well restored, or under threat. Government representatives of the relevant countries attend COP. Some had moments of celebration, and some were reminded of the need to work harder for their wetlands.

The Wetland Globes were supported by the Fundacion Biodiversidad.

The Globes were divided into three categories:

Blue Award – Best practice in wetland management

For wetlands that have been protected and managed in a positive way, ensuring the following elements are addressed: Participation and involvement (of local people); Sustainable livelihoods; Wetland benefits; Management for wildlife and biodiversity.

Green Award – Best practice in wetland restoration

This is sub-divided into the same categories as the Blue Award, but for wetlands that have previously been degraded.  The award shows that even if a wetland is not in a good state, there is still great value in working to improve its quality.

Grey Award – Wetlands under threat

Wetlands that are degraded or under imminent threat are included. We recognise that this can be a very negative and confrontational award, and are careful to say that the threat can be from any number of sources, that the awards are not geared towards blaming specific organisations, and that we see the potential for ‘Grey Globe’ winners to become ‘Green Globe’ winners in the future.