2020: Citizen Science Survey of the world’s wetlands

From May to October 2020, citizen scientists like you are contributing their knowledge of their wetland to this global survey.

We first ran the survey in 2017. Two wetlands scientists, Professor Nick Davidson and Dr. Rob McInnes analysed more than 500 responses to be able to compare how wetlands are faring according to continent and protected status.

In 2020, we want to find out what changes there have been, and to include even more wetlands. We will distribute the findings to conservation conventions including Ramsar, and among wetland scientists around the world.

You need to have knowledge of a local wetland, and to give your opinion on how or whether it has changed. In times of a pandemic, this is a citizen science survey you can complete without risking infection. We certainly don’t want you taking risks to complete the survey!

You will need to complete the online questionnaire. We have it available in seven different languages; all will be treated equally in the analysis.

Take part in the survey!