Screenshot showing new website style

New website!

In July 2020 we launched this new website for WWN, found at Our previous website, at, was brought offline by technical issues in April, which we were not able to solve due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This new website helps us widely share the World Wetland Survey 2020, as well as our other activities as we work towards Ramsar COP 14. This website is available in English, French, and Spanish. You can also access other languages through an automated translation made by Google.

Image showing where to get the official French and Spanish versions, or the Google translation for other languages
You can see official translations into French or Spanish by clicking the flag at the top left, in the menu bar. You can get an automated translation into other languages by using the Google ‘Select Language’ menu lower down on the left. We have no control of this Google translation, so the meaning might be unclear for some content.

If you are a member of WWN, please contact us and share any updates to your member profile or other suggestions for our website.

We hope to be able to use the old address again in the future. The pandemic is continuing to restrict our ability to work so some of the material on the previous site might not be accessible immediately, but we are working to update it. However, if you see any errors, or cannot find particular content, please send us a message and we will deal with it as promptly as we can. Thank you for helping us develop a website that serves the Network!