How do you interact with the Ramsar Convention?

Civil Society and eNGOs, such as you, are essential to safeguarding the world’s wetlands and implementing the Ramsar Convention.

We want to find out how much you are included in the work of the Ramsar Convention.

To this aim we are surveying members of WWN, so we can inform the Ramsar Convention signatories about what they are doing well and how they could improve.

We conducted a similar survey in 2015, which informed our Statement to that year’s Ramsar COP. We want to find out how the situation may have changed, and again let the Ramsar Convention know.

Please give us 15 minutes of you time to fill in this questionnaire.

We would like to use the survey findings: in a side event around COP; in a published summary; and to inform conservation this year and beyond. In addition to this, we would like you to include your contact details so we can, if necessary, ask you for more information to help make a more detailed report or presentation.