International Training of the Trainers for (Integrated Water Resource Management)

Wageningen University, the Netherlands, is running a two week training course for those that want to do training themselves on IWRM – fellowships are available. To approach water management effectively, it needs to integrate technical, economic, ecological, social and legal aspects. This approach goes beyond country borders, and needs to be applied on a river basin scale. Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) is a process through which people can develop a vision, agree on shared values and behaviour, make informed decisions and act together to manage natural resources of the basin. The stakeholders involved have to understand each other  to achieve the necessary cooperation.

This course, endorsed by the Ramsar Secretariat, aims to enhance your water stewardship skills; enabling you to guide the steps towards the wise management of water. The course is based on the premise that a great water steward knows how to facilitate multi-stakeholder processes, and has strong communication and training skills. A good water steward understands the dynamics of societal learning. The training will apply approaches in line with the Ramsar Handbooks on the Wise Use of Wetlands.  See their website for more details.