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Strategic planning continues

WWN’s committee has met to sign-off on the completion of the 2016–2018 Strategic Plan and to start preparing for the next three years.

Meeting by Skype, the Chair, Deputy Chair, Asia Representative and West Asia Representative confirmed that WWN has accomplished most of the objectives of the 2016–2018.

  • Objective 1, Governance, 4/6 points completed
  • Objective 2, Communication and Engagement, 4/6 points completed
  • Objective 3, Ramsar Convention, 2/5 points completed
  • Objective 4, Citizen Science, 2/3 points completed

Overall the committee is satisfied with how WWN has progressed in the two years since they set out the plan; it was also a good opportunity to review our work and note the how the Network has grown in size, activity and reputation.

We are aware that there are incomplete objective points, and we will carry at least some of these over to the next strategic plan. We have started the process of creating the new plan. We aim to have the new strategic plan in place in September; but before then we invite input from all WWN members.

Please get in touch with the Deputy Chair Chris Rostron with your thoughts or ambitions for WWN’s future.