YEW report on Ramsar COP14

Youth Engaged in Wetlands (YEW) have published a report on November’s Ramsar COP14.

The report introduces the why and the how of Ramsar COP in general, and reports on their accomplishments at this particular COP.

COP14 was a huge step forward for the inclusion of Youth in the Ramsar Convention. Thus, we felt the need to give youth a voice, not only to highlight the path that led to this step but also to mark the beginning of a new Ramsar chapter. A
chapter where we will forge the future of our wetlands together.

The report explains the Youth Resolution, the side events, and how they made it all happen. It serves as a long-term resource for youth and other groups working in wetlands, as well as an insight into the activities of COP14.

Download the report on the YEW website.