Support a youth focal point!

A new role was created at the last wetland COP: Youth Focal Point. The Youth Focal Point can be from government or civil society.
We hope you feel able to contact your National Focal Points and encourage them to appoint someone. This may be a young person in your NGO.
If the government appoints one of their employees as Youth Focal Point, you can support them thanks to WWN’s collaboration with Youth Engaged in Wetlands, YEW.

YEW member Ariana Magini is Australia’s Youth Focal Point and she provides the following key information, reminding countries in the Convention of:

the need to report on the appointment in your COP15 National Report due 18 October 2024. For reference, see SC62 Doc.21 on updates to the National Report, which states, “In line with paragraph 21 of Resolution XIV.12 on Strengthening Ramsar connections through youth, questions on youth have been added to Sections 1 and 2, including a request for information on a National Youth Focal Point.”

The Party should include the following info:

  • Designated National Focal Point on Strengthening the Convention on Wetland’s Connections through Youth
    • Name and title:
    • Name of organization:
    • Mailing address:
    • Telephone:
    • Email:
  • Please list the strategies and actions your country is implementing to support youth participation in the implementation of the Convention’s Strategic Plan or in wetlands management (Resolution XIV.12 on Strengthening Ramsar connections through youth, paragraph 21).

For further information about the work of the Youth Working Group, you can read the final, endorsed Youth Workplan online here