Encouraging CEPA Focal Points to the Convention 

WWN’s Co-chairpersons, Agatha Chisha and Chris Rostron, and other WWN members have worked with the Convention on Wetlands on a webinar for CEPA (Communications, Education, Participation, Awareness) focal points on the 3 April 2024. The webinar included an outline of the Convention’s CEPA approach from Deputy Secretary General Jay Aldous, and input from CEPA focal points including WWN member Felipe Velasco, and other friends of the network.  

Chris Rostron presented the webinar, and Agatha Chisha introduced how she has embraced CEPA since the last COP. The webinar was held twice, with slightly different versions, to accommodate multiple languages and timezones.  

As well as hosting the live event, the Convention’s Secretariat has made a recording available, along their other webinars which assist people implement the Convention.

Some WWN members are NGO Focal Point for their country; and some countries will welcome support from civil society in implementing CEPA. The recorded webinar provides practical advice and encouragement.