Committee roles open

In accordance with our Terms of Reference, WWN is recruiting a new Deputy Chairperson.
Current Co-Chairperson, Chris Rostron, is leaving his wetland NGO job to lead a Ramsar Regional Initiative, so will step down from his role. If you are interested in the role, please contact your Regional Representative. Over the coming months, the Committee will decide a timeline for the new appointment.

Nomination for Chairperson, Deputy-Chairperson, Regional Representatives

  • Representatives must be a member
  • Potential representatives may self-nominate, be nominated by a member or be invited by the Management Committee.
  • Nominations will be invited via WWN’s social media and a member bulletin
  • Nominees must accept nomination by email, one week before the AGM


  • Appointments will be made by a consensus decision of the Management Committee at the AGM. There must be a minimum quorum of the Chairperson plus four members. Decisions will be deferred to the next meeting if the quorum isn’t present.
  • If there is more than one nomination and consensus can’t be reached, there will be a vote, with the majority-preferred candidate appointed
  • Appointments will be noted in the minutes of the meeting and posted on the WWN Website
  • Once appointed, representatives must complete the form, which will be signed by Chairperson

See more in the Terms of Reference.