‘Stop EACOP in D.R. Congo’ campaign

WWN member FORED contacted us with the following news:

The FORED organisation launched the “STOP EACOP” campaign last June.

In the course of this week, we moved on to awareness-raising activities to gain a better understanding of TotalEnérgie’s EACOP oil project in Uganda so that these communities could get involved in the fight, a campaign that was conducted as a call for participation.

As a satisfactory outcome, we brought together 27 leaders, including 24 male heads of fishing camps on Lake Albert in DR Congo and 3 female representatives of non-governmental civil society organisations.

They all made a commitment to mobilise their contemporaries.

We intend to continue with the mobilisation sessions and other actions in order to achieve the specific objectives as set out in the Operational Plan shared another time.

To achieve this, we continue to rely on your goodwill and your financial, educational and/or logistical support.

For more information, please consult this link. We are pleased to announce that the 27 people selected to take part in these mobilisation sessions have all agreed to support the campaign around Lake Albert.