Hwaseong mudflat

WWN in South Korea

Conservationist at KFEM and WWN Korea member Jung Hanchul met Chris Rostron (WWN vice chair) as part of an EAAFP project looking at the Hwaseong mudflats, important habitat for migratory species along the East Atlantic Flyway. It is part of a bid to create a World Heritage Site based on the Korean ‘getbol’ or tidal mudflats. The creation of a sea wall has reduced the size of the mudflat, creating a fragmented and dysfunctional area of land behind it. The local government, EAAFP and local NGOs are keen to see an agreed way forward to improve the situation and WWT sent out a small team to help, working with local partners including WWN member KFEM and Jung Hanchul.

Mr Jung Hancheol, Hwaseong KFEM and Mr Chris Rostron, WWN vice chair