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Ramsar COP14 to be held in Geneva

The next wetlands Conference of the Parties, Ramsar COP14, has been rescheduled. It will now happen in Geneva, Switzerland, on 5 to 13 November, chaired virtually by China.

COP14 was originally to be held in Wuhan, China, later in November. The COVID situation in that country has made that difficult. The updated plan is for China to be the Host country, working together with the Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention in Switzerland as the geographical location.

WWN at COP14

WWN in fundraising to support Committee members to attend Ramsar COP. The change in venue may affect which WWN members and Representatives will be able to attend.

Our key topics at Ramsar COP14 will be the state of the world’s wetlands, the natural flow of rivers, and youth engagement.  See our COP14 page to learn more about these topics. All WWN members planning to attend are invited to contact the Committee in advance so we can arrange to meet.