Graphic indicating voices of multiple youths

Youth Engaged in Wetlands – A Global Youth Survey

by Youth Engaged in Wetlands

Youth Engaged in Wetlands (YEW), is a growing international youth team committed to the conservation, protection, and wise-use of wetlands. YEW aims to support the mission of Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and build greater ownership of this mission among the younger generations.

To meet their mission of providing a global platform for young people to empower them to protect and promote wetlands, YEW seeks to build an overall understanding of the involvement of young people (18-35 years old) around the world in different aspects of wetland conservation. To that purpose, YEW has prepared a survey to understand the commonalities, opportunities and challenges that youth face while working on wetland issues. The survey takes less than 10 minutes for an individual or an organization to complete.  They want to learn about youth working in the frontlines of conservation, education, research, restoration and wise-use: the challenges and success stories. YEW believes that through sharing these stories, we will motivate each other and also build a common voice to better address the issues and concerns identified by youth through YEW.

The survey can be completed in English, Spanish or French, whichever is your preferred language. Alternatively, you can also learn more about YEW and access the survey here: More than 30 youths from 24 different countries have voiced their wetland work and experience that ranges from conserving Lagoons in Oman to mapping high-altitude wetlands in Myanmar!

 After you complete the survey, they encourage you to share it in your wider wetland network and to share it with other wetland initiatives that you may know which are youth-led or engaging youth.

By completing the survey, you can become a member at YEW, share your wetland story through YEW and have the opportunity to partake in a podcast interview!

YEW will publish the results of the survey through a global map on their website and publish the findings in their annual reports. Additionally, they will use the findings to develop capacity building activities to support youth directly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bidhya Sharma, Knowledge and Capacity Building Lead at Youth Engaged in Wetlands at