WWN participates in 4th meeting of Plurinational Network of Chile (RPNH)

In December, during the strange year 2020, under the global pandemic, the Plurinational Network of Wetlands of Chile (RPNH) invited various civil society organisations, institutions, local governments, NGOs and the citizens in general to participate in the 4th National Wetlands Meeting, which was developed from the national discussion regarding the defence and protection of wetlands in Chile. This 4th Meeting was located in the northern city of Arica.

The Meeting was developed via digital platforms, and generated an opportunity for the incorporation of organisations from Latin American countries to expand and share perspective on wetlands. During three days in December 2020, different presentations from Chile and Latin America were shared, which contributed to the discussion about wetlands as ecosystems of importance for communities from rural to urban; in addition to considering a particular day for the internal work of the organisation of the RPNH.

The World Wetlands Network was invited to participate in the international panel where WWN representatives for the Americas, Felipe Velasco (Colombia) and Patricio Guerrero (Chile) introduced the World Wetlands Network. The history of the birth and formation of WWN, as well as actions that we develop as an organisation. The role of WWN as a voice of citizenship in the Ramsar Convention was deepened, and in what way instances are created to bring civil society closer together in the Conferences of the Parties (COP) that take place every three years.

Finally, three fundamental pillars for the articulated work were highlighted, which is – “Better tangled” highlighting the importance and benefits of the articulation for the protection of wetlands, – “Visibility” and the importance of putting the issues on the table to address wetland problems (example being the WWN Wetlands Globes 2010, 2012), and – “Persevere”, considering that networking has highs and lows, for which persistence is necessary and makes each action strengthen the movement for the protection of wetlands.

After the presentation, the organisers thanked the participants, and reaffirmed some reflections arising from what was presented. In this way WWN was able to give a voice to this valuable meeting in Chile.

Find out more at 4to Encuentro RPNH Chile 2020.